How to Add Purchases with a fixed discount?

To Create a new purchase order, Click on the “Add Purchase” link in the Purchase sub-menu.

Select your desired supplier from which you are going to make a purchase. Select a purchase status i.e: received, ordered, pending. Each purchase status has a different type of action in the background. If you are just making a purchase order and you don’t want to add stock in this phase, select pending or ordered.  If you have already received stock in physical and you want to add/increase stock in system, select received from status drop menu. Select the “Product Name” and “Purchase Quantity”.

Scroll down the Add Purchase page, select the “Fixed” discount type, fill the amount and add the shipping charges if necessary. Fixed discount means discount with fixed amount i.e) 1000 PKR, 2000 PKR etc.

Scroll down the Add Purchase page, add the payment details and click on the save button. If you add extra payment it will add to the balance of the supplier from the background.

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